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 A New Life Christian Adoptions was created as a support ministry for women who lovingly choose life for their baby, but are unsure if they are at a place in their life where parenting would be in the best interest of the child. We believe children thrive best in loving, two parent homes, with Christ and the Church involved in their daily lives. A New Life Christian Adoptions provides educational and supportive counseling to all involved in the adoption process. Every adoption situation is as unique as the birthparents and the adoptive families involved. We strive to develop an adoption plan that takes into consideration the desires and wellbeing of everyone involved.

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Birth Parents

We are available to help birth parents throughout the pregnancy, at delivery and beyond. At A New Life we provide many services which include: free and confidential counseling, meetings at the location of your choice, choice of the adoption family, choice of the type of adoption, support, medical and living assistance and a 24 hour birthparent hotline.


Adoptive Families

At A New Life we are equipped to assist families in adopting domestically, independently as well as relative, embryo and through the Department of Social Services of North Carolina. We are also an agency that is committed to finding homes for older children, up to eighteen years of age. We actively recruit families for our minority newborns and special needs infants. We have a special need for African American or biracial Christian couples to join our program.


Contact Us

Adoptive Parents call: (910) 980-1065

Birth Mothers Call: (877) 884-9775


Address: PO BOX 39, Falcon, NC 28342

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