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Turbeville Children's Home

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Thank you for considering a donation to Turbeville Children's Home. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to provide a safe and loving environment for the children and families we serve. Donating is easy and secure, and every contribution helps us achieve our mission of making a difference in the lives of those in need. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.


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About Turbeville

Turbeville Children’s Home’s property was purchased by the IPHC on October 7, 2015, and received license to operate by the state of SC in January of 2016. The home was previously opened October 8, 1949, by the South Carolina State Association of Free Will Baptists and was known as the Free Will Baptist Orphanage. Over time the name of the home changed to The Free Will Baptists Home for Children. The facility was open until February 2013 where it served hundreds of children. The official opening of the Turbeville Campus was scheduled for March 1, 2016, however, due to a need for a sibling group of four needing placement, the first children were received February 23, 2016. Another sibling group of four was placed the very next day. Within the first five years of operation, Turbeville Children’s Home has cared for over 250 children between the ages of 7 to 20 from all of the 46 counties across South Carolina. 

Turbeville Children's Home is located on 10-acres of land with 3 different dorms that can house up to 32 students. On our campus we have a pool, basketball court, sand volleyball, bicycles and other recreational activities. TCH meets all state and accreditation standards and the children on campus attend a local school.

Residential Care

Turbeville Children's Home is a child care facility. We have no other purpose or business. The care of children is our foremost concern and the centerpiece of all that we do. We seek to provide services and opportunities that will enhance the well being of every child - mentally, emotionally, and spiritual

Transitional Living Program

The Transitional Living Program is designed students aged 18-21. We are essentially the bridge from childhood to adulthood so they can be prepared for when they leave us at 21. 


Our Director

Tim Moore

Meet our Director Tim Moore!


Tim served as a chaplain for the United States Navy in 8 different geographical locations meeting the spiritual needs of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen.

He previously served as Dean of Students at Southwestern College of Christian Ministries, the college where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Ministry.

Tim worked as a houseparent to 12 teenage boys at Falcon Children's Home before becoming a social worker for approximately 60 children. We are honored Mr. Moore has returned to the ministry of Falcon Children's Home to help direct and lead the amazing staff at Turbeville Children's Home.

Our Staff
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Contact Us

Contact US

5232 W. Turbeville Hwy. Turbeville, SC 29162

Tel: (843) 659-2880

Fax: (843) 659-2835


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