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First of all, thank you for your interest in donating to Falcon Children's Home and Family Services!

From a one-time donation, an online memorial gift, to a monthly recurring gift, you can support a child and their care daily, as well as changing their future for a lifetime. FCH uses cash gifts to serve children in our care by providing food and commodities, offering outings for the students, and maintaining cottages and buildings.

Donate through our Amazon Charity link for convenient giving from home or work! Your gift will give the cottages and students exactly what they need and will be delivered directly to FCH. In lieu of COVID-19, this is a safe and easy way to bless our Home without having to come to campus in person.


Save even more on everyday items you purchase online by using Capital One Shopping! This is a free tool that compares prices among various retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal possible while supporting Falcon Children's Home at the same time!

About Donating:

Please contact our main office for any in-person/donation drop-off you may want to do. You can call (910) 980-1065 between 9AM and 5PM and they can give you any information you may need and set up an appropriate time for you to drop off any items you may have for us.

Thank you for your giving! Contributions are greatly appreciated and will contribute to the lives of our children and the overall success of our Home. We are committed to the highest quality of care for our kids. 

Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services

A Licensed and Accredited 501©(3) Residential Foster Home for Children

IRS Regulations For Donations:

For on-site donation drop-offs, contact our office to make an appointment. Please place an accurate amount of value of your donation on the form we provide from our accounting office if you intend on writing off your donation.


Visit which explains how to determine the fair market value of your donation and if you must complete additional forms for in-kind giving over $2,500 or if you are donating automobiles or property in excess of $25,000.

Not every donation is tax-deductible and is usable to FCH. Services and volunteer hours, although welcomed generally cannot be written off. IRS Publication 526 outlines what types of donations can be deducted and how to claim a deduction.

While we appreciate every donation, items that cannot be used or are in a condition that is not consistent with our mission and the level of quality care we offer, cannot be accepted by FCH. These items include USED sheets, linens, undergarments, bathroom or kitchen supplies; ripped, stained, or horror, profanity/violence, or alcohol/drug themed clothes; items that are broken, mildewed, rusted, or insect infected.

Our Ongoing Needs:


#10 Large Canned Goods (104-117 oz. of vegetables and/or fruit)


Swiffer WetJet Mops and Dusters


Nonstick Pots/Pans


X-Large Instant Pots

X-Large Air Fryers

X-Large Griddles

Dawn Dish Soap


Dish Towels

Plastic Wrap/Aluminum Foil

Paper Towels

Plastic Containers (microwave/dishwasher safe in multiple colors)

Plastic Food Storage Containers

Plastic Cutlery


NEW Pillows

Cotton, Zippered Pillow Protectors (standard)

NEW Bedspreads/Comforters, Bed Blankets, Mattress Pad Covers (Twin)

Bath Towels/Hand Towels/Washcloths


Body Wash

Ethnic Hair Products

Non-Slip Bath Rugs

Hookless, Washable Shower Curtains (see Amazon list)

Clorox Wipes/Disinfectant Cleaners and Sprays

Toilet Cleaners

Toilet Paper

Vacuum Cleaners

Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners

Tall Laundry Baskets

Liquid Laundry Detergent (not powder or pods)

Fabric Softener/Dryer Sheets

Feminine Products

Small Bedroom Trash Cans

Plastic Clothes Hangers

Full Length Body Mirrors

Batteries (AA & AAA)

Light Bulbs

Blu-Ray/DVD Players

DVDs (G, PG, PG-13)

Xbox or PS4 Games (E or T only)

Shop Vac


Sterilite 105-Quart CLEAR Storage Containers w/lids

Suitcases/Duffle Bags

Fast-Food Gift Cards

Power Strips

Bug Repellent

Spray Sunscreen

LED Battery-Powered Lanterns

Teen Coloring Books/Markers/Color Pencils

Current Needs

2024 Commodities

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