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Falcon Academy

Our school’s mission is to focus on academic achievement, spiritual and character development. We incorporate best practices recognized by leaders in education as the most effective methods for helping children learn.

About FCA

Academic Achievement.

It is the purpose of Falcon Christian Academy to guide each student to full intellectual development regardless of his or her current academic or social status. This will be achieved by an environment that conveys the message that all students can learn, marked by increasing higher levels of achievement with students performing at our  or above academic grade level.


We teach spiritual development to help students develop a sense of purpose, self-worth and a hope for their future.

Character Development.

Falcon Christian Academy promotes positive character development by having clear-cut expectations of each student to demonstrate appropriate responsible and productive behavior. Students will be taught life skills that will enable them to be confident and successful in whatever career or calling they choose.

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Adopt a Student

is an opportunity to provide our resident children here at Falcon Children's Home with the opportunity for a well-rounded. quality education. Tuition at FCA is $400 a month for 10 months ($4,000) but other options to support are by giving for a semester or a month.

Adopt a Student
Forms FCA
Kids Running

We would be honored if you would support us! If you are a longtime supporter and friend, we thank you for making children a priority. Many of our children do not have the love and support of a family. And that’s what we do. We simply love the children and teens in our care, unconditionally. We are thankful for each and every gift we’re given and are extremely grateful for your support.

If you have any questions regarding your contributions, you are welcome to contact us at

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