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Sanctity of Human Life

May 18th

North Carolina March for Life in Charlotte, NC. Visit to find a local march near you!

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Royal Home Ministries offers counseling and education opportunities for teen pregnant mothers in a nurturing, protected atmosphere. The Royal Home is committed to serving teen mothers and their babies during their time of crisis. Since 1992, the Royal Home has served over 400 young women who sought to provide a brighter future for themselves and their babies. The ultimate goal of Royal Home Ministries is to save innocent babies from abortion and to redirect the life of the mother. Our maternity and mothers and babies program is a new beginning for both.


To date, 390 babies (including 4 sets of twins) have been given an opportunity to live through the maternity program of Royal Home Ministries. An additional 80 mothers have been served beyond their pregnancy through the Mothers and Babies program of Royal Home Ministries. Residents are mentored and taught life skill classes on a regular basis by volunteers from the Zeta Membership Program, Sacred Heart Catholic Women’s Group, and MOPs. Numerous residents have graduated from HS, Attended Community College, and held down paying jobs enabling them to save a minimum of 50% of their income. Three of them have received a car through programs that partner with us.


The desired outcomes for clients in our Maternity Program are to: be a responsible individual, ensure the health of both mother and baby, have access to excellent medical care, be equipped/prepared for a successful birth, receive / develop appropriate parenting skills, establish and / or continue their educational and / or vocational goal(s), manage their finances, access appropriate resources and obtain housing and support for after delivery.


In-House Classes

Classes are offered to clients on a regular basis. These include, but are not limited to, childbirth, newborn basics, and nutrition. Depending on the client’s choice, staff work with them to develop a parenting or an adoption plan. All clients participate in childbirth classes taught by a registered nurse certified to teach childbirth classes

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Information received from the intake/application process is utilized in assessing the client’s educational/vocational needs. The case management team, along with the client, establishes objectives to be included in the plan that will assist in achieving these goals. This plan is reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis. All clients are required to be enrolled in school, working, or serving in a volunteer capacity that develops vocational skills. Clients in high school have the opportunity to attend Falcon Christian Academy, a private academy located on the campus of Falcon Children’s Home or the local public school.

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Life Skills Training

All clients will receive life skills training. Life Skills includes, but are not limited to: housekeeping, nutritional menu, planning, money management, personal hygiene / appearance, safety skills, and preparation for independent living.

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Counseling Services

All young ladies are seen by a pregnancy social worker throughout the duration of their stay at our maternity home. The social worker presents choices for either an adoption plan or parenting. Upon choosing a plan, the worker assist the client in setting goals for achieving the plan chosen. Professional counseling services are also made available to our clients to assist in goal setting and planning for their future.

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Royal Home Ministries

7490 N West St. Falcon, NC 28342

(910) 525-5554

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For speaking engagements please contact our office directly. (910) 525-5554


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Your gifts to Royal Home Ministries help support young women who choose life for their unborn babies. We use donations to help buy diapers, wipes and other baby essentials.

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