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A New Life Christian Adoptions (ANLCA) was licensed in 1999. Originally this program was created as a support for women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy who lovingly chose life for their baby but were unsure if they were ready to parent. This would be completed through a private adoption between the birth mother and families working with our agency to become certified adoptive families. 


From 1999 through 2015, ANLCA, helped over 100 birth mothers choose an adoptive family for their child(ren) and complete their adoption plan for their child.  ANLCA also encouraged open or semi-open adoption plans that allowed the opportunity for the birth mother and family to send and receive updates about their child.


In 2012, FCHFS, became approved to license Foster Homes.  By 2016, our foster home program began to grow and our private adoption program dramatically decreased, ANLCA moved its focus to begin working with children in the custody of DSS looking for permanence by recruiting foster to adopt families.  


Adoptive Families

We are equipped to assist families with domestic infant adoptions, independent, relative, and step-parent adoptions.  We can also assist families who desire to adopt through the Department of Social Services of North Carolina via our Foster To Adopt program.


Contact Us

Phone: (910) 354-5254


Address: PO BOX 39, Falcon, NC 28342

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