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Harvest Train 2021

After much discussion with the leaders of our denomination it has been decided we will not be able to hold our usual Harvest Train parade and production.  The safety of our children as well as attendees is most important to us. Due to the recent rise in the Delta variant COVID cases we feel Harvest Train 2021 will once again take on a different look.

You're Invited!

to the premiere showing of, “All is Bright Christmas Lights" for our faithful Harvest Train supporters. The campus of Falcon Children’s Home and the Town of Falcon will be decorated like never before with beautiful lights and Christmas decorations.

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Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

November 22, 2021 from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, we invite you to tour our beautiful campus from your vehicle.  Upon arriving in Falcon, you can either begin your tour at 7190 S. West Street or 7723 Godwin Falcon Road. Be sure to stop for tour directions and donation drop -off instructions. While touring the campus turn your vehicle radio to station 89.5 FM and listen to the sounds of the season as well as greetings from our ministry leaders.  At the end of the tour stop at the brick warehouse and drop off your commodities and donations.


Interested in donating to a good cause during the holiday season? Look no further! During our holiday festivities we have commodity donation drop-off, where you can bring any donations you may have and want to give.


Not sure what to donate? Check out our commodity calendar that has items listed that we use frequently here at Falcon Children's Home. We also have an Amazon Wishlist to make donating easy!

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