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How a Motorcycle Ride Saves Lives

By: Alexandria Gaines


50CC Quest

If you're familiar with motorcycle organizations, you may have heard of a 50CC bike ride challenge, which is a ride from the East coast to the West coast in 50 hours that earns you a nifty patch. This ride was designed by Dave McQueeney of the IBA (Iron Butt Association), an organization dedicated to endurance motorcycle riding.

50CC Diaper Run

7 years ago, a few men from Mission:M25 were sitting around a table and decided to do more than just talk about ways to promote life but to instead, do something to promote life and support Royal Home Ministries.This is how the 50CC (Coast to Coast) was born and Bishop Gary "Shepherd" Burd organized the first Diaper Run in 2015.

Mission:M25 believes it's important for the church to take a stand FOR something, not just AGAINST something. Their ride from the East Coast to the West Coast or vice versa features numerous stops on the way to receive diaper donations as well as monetary donations that go directly to The Royal Home. Their ride is sanctioned by IBA, a secular organization, who recognizes their efforts to support life.

Mission:M25 believes it’s important for the church to take a stand FOR something, not just AGAINST something.

This year Mission:M25 collected over 57,000 diapers, over 82,000 baby wipes and almost $24,000 in donations. Over TWO MILLION diapers and wipes have been collected to this date. How awesome is that?! The 50CC Diaper Run is an annual event for ANYONE to join who wants to help support young mother's who choose life for their baby.

Stories of Hope

A man at a podium speaking with diaper and wipe donation behind him
Rev. Jason Cook speaking at one of the rallies along the route.

When you watch the news or check social media and see so much negativity in the world, you can lose hope in humanity but these numbers speak volumes to just how many people believe in what we do here at The Royal Home.

We spoke with Rev. Jason Cook, pastor of Refuge Church in Conway, SC and a member of Mission:M25 who shared a few stories of hope and the kindness of strangers.

This year, Liberty Christian Church in Midwest, OK donated $10,000 in memory of Judy Vorris who was a dedicated supporter of the Diaper Run since its beginning. One stranger approached him at a gas station and asked if he could give to the ministry he represented with his bike and vest. The man didn't ask what the Diaper Run was or what it supported, he just pulled out $7 to give as a donation.

"To the world that might just be 7 bucks but to me, that man that didn't know anything about the ministry, made an investment in a little child's life. A mother's life."

Are you interested in making an investment into the life of a young mother who chose life for her baby? At The Royal Home, our mission is not to condemn young women for choosing abortion. We may not agree with that decision but we are here to offer an option they might not know they have. We have a home, educational opportunities, counseling and love to give to these young women who chose motherhood or adoption for their child.

As mentioned before, anyone can join the 50CC Diaper Run! For more information contact Rev. Jason Cook at or visit for more information.

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